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Have a goal right now of WHAT YOU WANT YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE TO BE. Even the act of taking your blood pressure while having your awareness on what you want it to be has healing power. Align your energy with positive thinking to attain the desired goal. Do this in an easy manner without discouraging thoughts or attachment to the outcome of your readings. The mind/body has infinite healing and organizing ability, and is waiting for your permission to spring into action. Have patience, and remember healing is a natural process. Have as part of your goal taking your blood pressure without fear. You may see patterns but donít be anxious during a high cycle. For example, you might get higher readings on your left arm that could mean some cholesterol blockage on that side. Then a few months later you might get high readings on the right. Donít be concerned about this. It is just a cycle within the body. You may lose fear as you take many readings over time and realize that these are just patterns or cycles of your mind/body.

As you take your blood pressure every day remember your goal to lose the fear of having high blood pressure. Know that you can face your blood pressure reading no matter what it is. Always have your attention on the goal, for example, getting a lower specific reading. Always know that you are doing your best. Be kind and loving to yourself. If you have hypertension you may often get high blood pressure readings, which is precisely what you are working on lowering. Know that itís ok. The process of healing is what is important Ė not the readings you are supposed to have. Your blood pressure will decrease as you work on it. Keep a daily chart, see your patterns and cycles, and watch the progress. I will outline some teachings and give some references of how to help relax in order to properly set the stage for taking your blood pressure.

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