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Your fear of high blood pressure empowers the imbalance or disease. Rather than putting your attention on fear, align your intention with your inner healing power–the mind/body intelligence ready to promote health and balance at your command. This reality goes beyond your blood pressure readings, no matter what they are. Just stay focused on self-empowerment.

You may begin to see a connection between the readings and how you are handling stress during the day. This will become clearer as you incorporate daily charting into your routine. For some people (including myself ) who have a labile blood pressure, it is sometimes hard to reconcile the stress of the day with the blood pressure readings. For example, I may have a stressful day and get a reading of 108/74, and then have a pleasant day and get a reading of 130/86 or up to 130/90. It sometimes doesn’t make sense. The main thing is you are taking responsibility for your own health by taking your blood pressure regularly. Have faith in yourself and the infinite healing power inherent within your mind/body. This cannot be emphasized enough, there are many external sources in which to put faith, but the inner source is the most powerful.

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