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It seems that everyone likes salt. Even if you have high blood pressure the good news is you may be able to eat it! Salt has a bad reputation, but there is a type of salt that is good for you.

How do you get the real salt that the body craves? Salt was actually one of the healthiest foods before modern technology turned it into an unhealthy product. Eating refined or table salt restricts the freedom of your bodily fluids to cross membranes and allow the kidneys to filter out saline fluids. High blood pressure patients are told not to eat salt, but French unrefined light grey sea salt is very healthy for the body. This sea salt contains seventy-plus micronutrients from the ocean in the perfect proportions of seawater for proper health.

Your doctor may have told you not to eat salt, however, what is sold in supermarkets as salt is actually a very unhealthy product the FDA allows to be sold as salt. To demonstrate how unhealthy “table salt” is, we will turn to the work of Jacques Loeb M.D., a biologist. Jacques de Longre, Ph.D., the author of Sea salt’s Hidden Powers, describes an experiment that Dr. Loeb performed. Dr. Loeb demonstrated that refined sea salt, pure sodium chloride, in solution at the concentration in which the salt exists in seawater, is poisonous to marine organisms. Sodium chloride has this poisonous action because of the absence of the other constituents of seawater. To prove this, Dr. Loeb put young fish in distilled water, and they lived indefinitely. It would, as Loeb remarks, be impossible to prove the toxicity of sodium chloride if the organism were not able to live in distilled water. What is the fate of our internal organs when we eat commercial salt, sodium chloride? Dr. Loeb’s fish died in a solution of refined salt.

Refined salt has been associated with mineral bone loss. The loss of calcium promotes the loss of magnesium and potassium, all of which are needed for healthy blood pressure. Remember we mentioned seventy plus micronutrients from the ocean, and what is sold commercially contains only sodium chloride. What happened to the other seventy? The FDA allows the salt refineries to sell them to chemical companies, and you pay the cost in good health. Genuine salts like French unrefined light grey sea salt contain these seventy plus micronutrients in the exact proportions to balance the endocrine system, hormones, sodiumpotassium, acid-base balance and more. All of the balancing properties of a real salt can lower blood pressure.

Real salt, a perfect food to balance blood pressure, was turned into a poison due to greed. Not eating a whole salt can have a negative effect on your health. As far as health requirements are concerned, ayurvedic medicine considers salt to be very important not only for nervous disorders and digestion, but also for total balance. This relates to the six basic tastes that one must consume each day for perfect health according to ayurvedic medicine. These six tastes are sweet, sour, bitter, astringent, pungent, and salty. There are many foods containing these tastes, yet there are only a few containing a salty taste. For more information on the taste of various foods, please see Perfect Health, by Deepak Chopra, or books by Dr. Vasant Lad.

For most people, eating salt is the only way to satisfy the requirement for a salty taste, especially if they eat non-organic food. Many people consume too much salt because they need that taste to balance their physiology. You also need the micronutrients that are present only in French unrefined light grey sea salt or genuine salt.

Since table salt is not a whole food, your salt needs cannot be fulfilled, no matter how much you eat. If you ate French unrefined light grey sea salt, a fantastic real salt product with all the nutrients in the same perfect proportions as the ocean, your thirst for excessive salt would end. Eating this salt is completely different from eating the commercial product that claims to be salt. Even health food sea salt contains only a few more nutrients than commercial salt because of the way it is processed. Proper processing is the key for salt to work its magic.

If you eat too little salt, your adrenals become starved for it. Your salt-starved adrenals send signals to the brain to boost blood pressure to extract what little salt is available in the blood. But aren’t you restricting salt to lower blood pressure in the first place? This is a tremendous error made by the medical profession, for numerous reasons. Not consuming sodium blocks the uptake of magnesium. Magnesium is not only essential to lower blood pressure and balance blood sugar, but also necessary for life. Avoiding salt exacerbates the condition that you were told to not eat salt for in the first place. Kelp from the ocean, high in natural sodium, helps to keep calcium and magnesium soluble in the blood. Sodium works very intimately with potassium, and this cooperative effort is aimed at regulating the body’s water balance and normalizing heart rhythms. A high potassium content works inside the cells, while a relatively high sodium content works just outside of them.

Please be warned that even though French unrefined light grey sea salt is a natural and organic product, it could still be harmful if your hypertension is too sodium sensitive. Try this salt and monitor your blood pressure. If you are one of the extremely few who has a problem even with the grey natural salt, then by all means stop consuming it. Sodium sensitivity, as we mentioned earlier, is a symptom of calcium, magnesium, and potassium deficiencies. Please check with your health care provider to see if it is OK, and take it under his or her supervision. Remember that soups made from leeks, celery, and parsley cause your body to excrete excess sodium from the cells, and reduce high blood pressure and edema.

You need to balance your system. Going on a salt-free diet deprives your body of essential nutrients and removes one of the six basic tastes. The seventy-two minerals in French unrefined light grey sea salt can prevent and correct the deterioration of artery walls and correct cholesterol build up. Mineral deficiencies can lead to coronary artery spasms, heart attacks, and lactic acid build-up, leading to arterial damage by eating away at arterial walls.

French unrefined light grey sea salt and Celtic salt may be available from many health food stores. If your health food store does not carry French unrefined light grey sea salt or Celtic Salt, ask them to order it, or order it yourself. Marine Salt Traders at (800) 903-SALT sells French unrefined light grey sea salt. Celtic salt, which is the exact same salt from the same salt harvesters in Brittany, France, is available from The Grain and Salt Society, 273 Fairview Drive, Asheville, NC 28815-3020. The toll-free number is 1-800-867-7258 (1-800-Top-Salt). The Grain and Salt Society’s web site is

French unrefined light grey sea salt not only tastes delicious, but is also very satisfying, and may lower salt intake naturally. Use less than you would with “table salt” because it has a much richer taste. After you purchase French unrefined light grey sea salt, throw out your table salt. If you eat out frequently, buy a little portable salt shaker from a camping store and fill it with French unrefined light grey sea salt. Order low-sodium or no-sodium meals and sprinkle a little French unrefined light grey sea salt to taste.

French unrefined light grey sea salt is processed in such a way as to retain all of the inherent nutrients. This process allows the natural iodine from sea breezes to permeate the salt as it dries in salt marsh beds. The iodine in iodized table salt is only available for absorption for twenty minutes after it is ingested, and that is not enough time for absorption to take place. You need iodine for general health, especially for your thyroid.

After the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986, many Europeans took extra iodine to prevent the absorption of radiation. Should this ever become an issue for you, remember that iodine in table salt is not in a natural state and cannot prevent you from absorbing radiation. The natural iodine in French unrefined light grey sea salt saturates the thyroid and prevents the absorption of atomic radiation such as radioactive iodine 131. This Salt also forces radioactive iodine to leave the body. In case of contact with radiation, having French unrefined light grey sea salt in your diet can only help the situation.

This salt supplies organic iodine to the entire glandular network385 and may even reduce the incidence of thyroid cancer. Because cancer is of epidemic proportions and causes untold suffering and financial hardship you would think that the FDA would promote “real” salt and not allow commercial salt to be sold to the American people. Unfortunately, power and economics play a more predominant role in medicine than health-promoting products. One way to be safe is to eat this tastier type of French unrefined light grey sea salt.

Low-sodium foods include fruits 1/2 cup (less than 10mg), dry beans cooked in water without salt 1/2 cup (less than 5mg). For vegetables, read the labels or look up the nutritional value in a book because some are low in salt while others are high.

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