Preventing heart disease
with herbs

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Bilberry for eyes,
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Horse Chestnut
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Preventing heart disease with herbs

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Ayurveda, the most ancient form of holistic health care in the world, describes how herbal remedies work. This health care system from ancient India is based on yoga, which means union. The union of the absolute and the relative, or the whole and the part, which creates perfect balance in mind and body, as well as in the universe. The cosmic intelligence that creates infinite universes is also what creates you. This cosmic intelligence is the basis of your existence. The problem is that you identify only with your individuality and not as an integral part of a larger whole.

“Dis-ease” can be viewed as the lack of memory of your innate wholeness, of the relationship between the part and the whole. Ayurvedic herbal combinations work by restoring the memory of your wholeness, which is the basis of mind/body healing. The herbal combinations work by enhancing the flow of nature’s intelligence in your mind/body. Your mind/body is a collection of the flow of information and intelligence, which on a gross level can be demonstrated by chemical molecules such as neuropeptides and receptor sites.

To simplify this, we can say that your kidney works because the innate intelligence of the kidney is lively in the memory of its cells. If your cells forget or lose their memory, then the kidney will not function properly. How can your kidney cells have a memory? Just imagine how many functions your kidneys perform every day. How could they continue to do this without a memory? How does an herbal combination restore the memory of your innate wholeness to an organ, gland, or system?

It is apparent that Ayurveda is more concerned with the whole than the part, or with the basis of perfect balance rather than the symptom. Healing the deepest level of your imbalance naturally corrects the symptom. In contrast, western medicine is almost entirely concerned with the symptom. Yet by enlivening wholeness you automatically resolve symptoms. This works because enlivening wholeness stimulates the self-correction intelligence that is already inherent in every cell of your body. Your body is self-correcting all the time; it is a natural process. Due to stress, improper eating habits, and poor life style, some of these processes break down. In other words, your body forgets how to function in a healthy fashion because of loss of memory.

An herbal formula works to restore the mind/body memory of health by a process called rhythmic entrainment. We know that if you put a number of grandfather clocks in a room, the pendulums will all swing in unison after an hour or so. This same principle works to restore wholeness and balance in your mind/body. We know from physics that everything resonates; nature uses this aspect of natural law, or resonance, for healing. Nature matches the frequencies of the various functions, organs, glands, and systems of your body with the frequencies of herbs, nutrients, gems, vegetables, fruits and other foods. Specific herbal combinations have a specific resonance; this resonance is programmed to match the resonance of a particular part of the physiology to create balance. This principle is becoming more obvious as science demonstrates that frequency and energy are the fundamental basis of matter.

Ayurvedic remedies are made with knowledge of the frequencies (matter is just composed of frequencies-vibrations) of the specific herbs and specific body areas. Each herb has a passport, based on its resonance, to go to a specific part of your body. It holds this resonance up to the specific part of the body that it is targeted to entrain, as you hold a mirror up to see your face. This mirroring is very important for the entire healing process. As the mirroring effect takes place, the body part starts to resonate with or reflect the herb or herbal combination. The herb re-educates the organ or body part through resonance or through the process of rhythmic entrainment.

The process of rhythmic entrainment is like Morse Code. This code allows the body part or organ to remember its perfect mode of functioning. In other words, the memory of how the body part or organ is supposed to function is coded in sound. Similar to Morse Code, there are syllables and gaps in the herbal frequency. As the organ is stimulated to remember the way it is supposed to resonate from wholeness, the memory of how it should function becomes lively in its intelligence. High blood pressure arises when different parts of your mind/body forget the whole. The memory is always there. It just needs to be enlivened. Healing is thus the art of restoring memory, because everything needed for perfect health is eternally present. As the organ functions in a healthy mode the symptom is alleviated on the level of the cause by restoring the memory.

The way that resonance creates perfect health in the body is scientific. As the herb resonates, there is an expansion and contraction to this resonance. As the frequency expands and contracts, a wave interference pattern is created. In other words, where the expanding frequency interacts with the contracting frequency, a node is formed. The frequency in these nodes now contains its own frequency, created by the two frequency directions, expansion and contraction. As this interference pattern interacts with itself, geometry is created from the points of intersection or nodes. It is this geometry that is responsible for the correct frequency pattern to restore the organ, gland, or system to the normal point of entropy. Imagine your unlimited power to be healed from within your own consciousness – which is not something that is in you; it is you, both physically and psychically.

Natural healing systems enliven the self-healing intelligence already in your body. You already have all the healing intelligence of the universe in your mind/body. Unfortunately, the conventional medical approach suppresses this intelligence in order to eliminate the symptom. The disease is still there – and often getting worse – because the symptom is what triggers mind/body correction, and now there is no symptom to accomplish this. It is the disruption of the flow of intelligence in the mind/body that creates the disease in the first place, and with further drug suppression of this intelligence, the disease may get even worse! If you can understand this, you have learned the secret of healing.

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