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Taking blood pressure at home can be a simple, pleasant and relaxing procedure. In this program, your intention is to lower your blood pressure by taking it regularly. Stress can cause a higher reading so you need to take a break from your rushed lifestyle when taking your readings. Give yourself permission to take a break for ten to fifteen minutes and relax for the first five or ten minutes. Use the fear reducing techniques, the blood pressure lowering techniques, and whatever else you need to do to feel relaxed this is your time. It is best to keep silent while taking your blood pressure, since it usually rises when speaking. Your arm should be relaxed, supported, and held at chest level. You can rest it on a table. I sometimes take it while in bed slumped against a pillow, with my knees bent and resting my hand on my knee. Instructions come with the cuff, and these devices are very simple to use. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have awareness on your blood pressure in this healing process.

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